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Your Wedding Options

As I have, over the years, gained increased experience of weddings I have come to realise that never are any two the same. After all, no two couples are the same! So I offer various ways of personalising my performance on your special day.


I DO NOT offer packages!! As I said above, no two weddings are the same, so I'm not going to make you try to fit into a 'standard' package requirement. Instead, I will listen to what you want and provide you with a tailored quote accordingly. 

Musical Moments

During a wedding ceremony there are certain points where almost everyone will want some music including the seating of the guests, entry of the wedding party, signing of the register, and exit of the newlyweds. However, with an increase in Humanist and celebrant-led weddings, I am seeing a lot of people wanting to personalise their ceremony more. This can include having a favourite song played instead of a reading, a candle/sand ceremony, passing of the rings, and many other options, which may all be made even more special with the addition of some lovely music. I will gladly work through your order of ceremony and help you find the perfect accompaniment to those special moments.


You can choose exactly the music that you want, either from my repertoire list or by requesting certain pieces. Many people have favourite songs and many couples have 'their song'. If you would like a specific piece or song don't be afraid to ask - I have had requests from Vivaldi to Led Zeppelin! 

Choose your Harp

I currently have three different harps available for functions. These include a stunning black concert grand harp, suitable for all venues both large and small, a traditional celtic folk harp, suitable for smaller venues, outdoor events, or more folk-music based events, or a small pink harp which can be played either sat or standing. You are welcome to choose the instrument that best suits your venue/theme etc.


Many couples want to hear who they are hiring before they put a deposit down - and rightly so. I offer a personal consultation, either in person or via video chat, to all couples so that we can have a chat over a cup of tea and you can hear me play. This is also useful for me as it gives me a chance to get to know you a little and get an idea of the style of the occasion. Most couples also find it useful as it will give you a good idea of what you can expect from me on your big day. If you are not sure what style of music or specific pieces you want I am happy to play through some suggestions for you. If you feel you want to visit on more than one occasion that's fine too!

Colour schemes and themes

If you would like me to wear a certain colour or type of clothing do ask. For example if your colour scheme is Ivory and Burgundy I would be happy to dress in Burgundy, or if you are having a themed wedding (eg. Medieval or 'Winter wonderland') I will do my best!

Braveheart - arr. R Barnes
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Picture courtesy of ISO Elegant Wedding Photography

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